Take a walk in your customer's shoes.

Gone are the days of trying to build brand awareness by bombarding people with ads and hoping something sticks. We will show you how to understand who your customers are, how to influence them at every touchpoint on the customer journey and how to track every € you invest in marketing.

Customer journey

What is the Customer Journey?

Customer journey refers to all the actions a potential customer makes between the first interaction with your business and the moment they leave their credit card details and click on purchase. 

The interactions between the potential customers and your business are called touchpoints. By understanding what and where the touchpoints are gives you the power to influence the behaviour of your potential customers during the customer journey. 

However, every customer journey is unique which, in theory, means there are roughly 7,5 billion ways to purchase if you targeted the whole world. Thankfully human behaviour is fairly predictable. 

Customer Journey + Buyer Personas = Success

Potential customers can be grouped in segments or groups based on several different factors like age, gender, income, relationships, online behaviour and other demographics. These groups are called Buyer Personas. 

The more you know about your customers and their needs and desires the more your messaging will resonate with them. 

We can help you build Buyer Personas, map out the customer journey(s) and manage your marketing budget so that you will invest your money in potential customers with the highest probability of purchasing. 

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

Every business and their situation is unique. Therefore the strategy and solutions for reaching the objectives may vary. Digital Marketing provides us with a broad range of tools from email marketing and SEO to Facebook/Instagram ads to blogging. Each of these tools have their time and place and can be leveraged depending on the circumstances to get you closer to your goals.

Our starting point to every collaboration is to have a discussion around your situation and goals before we offer any solutions. Feel free to contact us and ask for a free discovery session in which we analyse your current situation and objectives. Based on the discussion we will provide you with a proposed strategy to reach your goals.  

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